• JBMFIT Kid Care Reminder!!

    JBMFIT Kid Care Reminder!!

    JBMFit is dedicated to providing a welcoming, exciting and safe environment for people of all ages. Sharing this environment with gym members requires that all follow and respect the following code of conduct with respect to leaving children unattended in the JBMFit facility. We want children to use our facilities and services. However, when children are left alone, they may wander through the building where they may encounter hazards such as stairs, gym equipment, sporting or utility closets. They may also disturb the enjoyment of the facility by other users. The safety of children left alone in the JBMFit facility is a serious concern of JBM staff.


    • All children in the Jr. Scorpions Program MUST be accompanied to and from class. A parent, guardian, or caregiver must walk the child into class and pick the child/ren up from class. Children will no longer be allowed to leave the BJJ room without an accompanying adult. Children in the Jr. Scorpions Program must have a parent, guardian, or caregiver accompany them to the locker rooms for their own safety.
    • Youth Program students may walk directly to and from class unaccompanied. Youth Program students are required to walk through the facility and not disturb other members. Youth Program students are not allowed to wander into other areas of the gym. If a student is found wandering the facility, an adult will be required to accompany them through the facility in the future.
    • When using the babysitting service, all children must be signed in and out. No children under the age of 3 per NJ law. No food or drink is permitted in the babysitting room. Babysitting closes promptly at 8:30pm. Please make arrangements to pick up children before 8:30pm.


    Thank you for your attention to this matter,

    The JBMFit Staff