• Letter from Professor (September 2015)

    Letter from Professor (September 2015)


    I want to personally thank you for committing foremost to yourself and secondly to our facility. Your personal commitment to making yourself a better person is what drives our commitment to making this facility better for you. We are working everyday trying to make this facility the best. Some of those improvements you will be able to see but many you will not. However, this project we are about to begin will be one you will definitely take note of.

    Within the next few weeks we will begin replacing the weight room floor. As you know this has been a long time coming. Performing this type of work however will require the closure and adjusted hours of operation for the weight room. Some of the work to be performed must be done when there are no members present. I will provide everyone with as much advanced notice as possible of those new hours so that you can adjust your workout time. Once we are complete, I believe you will be pleased. Add to this project the replacement of the broken mirrors and the re-upholstering of some of the benches. This will take time and again, I ask for your patience and understanding.

    We are also working on replacing the signage out front and repaving / striping the parking lot. Just some of the things we have on our “To-Do List.”

    So, please bear with us as we continue our home improvement projects. Some may impact you short-term but the future is what we are working on. We will limit that disruption to your workout as best as we can. My rule, as owner, is to keep you informed of what we are doing. I believe you should know what steps we are taking to make this a better, safer facility. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to speak to one of the staff or myself. Your opinion matters as we move forward. We are taking small steps right now but we are moving. This will take time and most importantly…your patience.

    Brian McPherson
    Owner, JBMFIT